Clusterball ist Win 7 fähig!!!!

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Re: Clusterball ist Win 7 fähig!!!!

Beitragvon Hanniball » Montag 12. April 2010, 22:14

Welcome back to the ClusterWorld :D
Ich habe das Herz eines kleinen Jungen
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Re: Clusterball ist Win 7 fähig!!!!

Beitragvon UDoKuoio » Samstag 17. April 2010, 14:23


I was too confident about my achievement. The solution found gave me a lot of problems and I had to re-install Win7 again and again.

The ATI 8.x drivers are too old and Win7 automatically will update some files that breaks the Clusterball fixes. And, of course, if I refuse to update "certain" files, the system work wrong in other situation.

I tried a beta version of ATI 10.3 OGL4 Drivers.. and they didn't work as well.
And.. worst of the worst, after launching the a3ddriver32.exe (CB won't start without), the system crash his compatibility with Unreal Tournament (one of my ever favourite game), both in D3D and in OGL.

That why, after the 10-12th reinstall, I convince myself to create an XP partition, to let the older programs run without disturbing the newers one.
Clusterball will be bounded in that (xp) universe, until a miracle will suggest me to try the 13th reinstall..

Hoping to be helpul (to eDaTa expecially, since he had my same problem).
See you in the (xp) sky!

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