nice to play at arena

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nice to play at arena

Beitragvon phlexipus » Dienstag 24. August 2004, 21:26

Well it's great i want to play................

All the availible players are in one host

And i am not in the join list.......
Thats a great way to let the arena grow :shock:

I know clans play at them selfs but is it not to early for that.....

If the arena wants to grow it should be availible for peoplem,especially when there aint much players.......

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Beitragvon hammerhart » Dienstag 24. August 2004, 22:17

hi nathan ! :)

you are quite right, but maybe it was a clan-training you tried to join.

one thing arena is struggling with, there are not enough hosts.
so as I know, you offered hosts several times, why don't you do it on the arena again ? !!

hope to meet u in the skies soon!
I really like VISTA ......., as a part in "Hasta la vista, baby!!" :P

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Beitragvon Laika30 » Samstag 28. August 2004, 13:03

Phlexi's still alive!!!!! :D :D :D

from now on u'll be in every join list! :D :wink:


Beitragvon Gast » Samstag 28. August 2004, 23:25

thank You moni :D

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