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I'm In

Beitragvon Jagwire » Samstag 26. Januar 2013, 01:33

Hi Everybody,

I did the ol' uninstall then re-install trick and now everything works...Yahoo!

Now I'm in trouble...now I get to play and get my butt kicked 8)

Looking forward to my first live game with a real player.

Game on...


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Re: I'm In

Beitragvon Maeks » Samstag 26. Januar 2013, 13:15


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Re: I'm In

Beitragvon Captn.Nowi » Sonntag 27. Januar 2013, 00:38


hehe :-D you did it.
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Re: I'm In

Beitragvon Jagwire » Sonntag 27. Januar 2013, 02:38

Hi Captn.Nowi,

It was a blast to play with you and Klaus ( I hope I spelled his name right ) and later in the morning with NASA.

Thank you all for a fun evening and my first online experience with Clusterball in many, many years :lol:

I have a lot to learn! I'll have to make some spaghetti sauce for Klaus the next time I play him as he likes to Spaghetti String me then steal my balls :? ... all in good fun. One of these days I'll get him back...

Oh yeah, nice skunk ( no points ) in Hangarball you guys! I can't even get off the launch pad and I'm getting a Shockwave up my jets! :lol:

Captn.Nowi is a gentleman and even let me win a couple of games when there was just the two of us playing earlier in the evening...that was very nice of him 8)

BTW Captn what does "Mahlzeit" mean?

I didn't get to play long with NASA but it was a pleasure to meet him as well :P

We all hooked up on TS 2 and it was cool that a couple of the guys, like Klaus, could speak english with me. I'll have to start learning German! :roll:

Thanks again and we'll see you soon,



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