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Venue Screenshots

Beitragvon Jagwire » Montag 28. Januar 2013, 20:28

Hi Everybody,

I remember when I played CB a long time ago that somebody posted VENUE SCREENSHOTS so that you could print it out and see the whole map of the venue. Is that kind of info out there anywhere?

There are so many venues here now that I spend most of my time trying to figure out where all the balls are. :?: :?

Maybe the best way is to play and learn but it would be nice for new people to be able to get an idea of where eveything is so they have half a chance when playing a game.

I'll understand if these don't exist and I'll just have to practice more and learn the venues.

Over and out,


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Re: Venue Screenshots

Beitragvon submaniac » Montag 28. Januar 2013, 23:24

Hi John,

thx for your kind report! It was also a pleasure for us to join such a nice guy as you are! Furthermore we are glad, that you've found back the way to CB. Hope, we can continue these nice fights outthere in the virtual skies of CB with a lot of fun... :wink:

Here you will find the topshots of all maps/venues: See the menue-bar at the top of the HP of CB => choose "Service => Downloads". Look for the second item "Download - XDGN Top Shots - Edition 2010". There you will find a link to a "" - file. Download it and you are ready to rumble... :-D

cu at the skies


PS: Btw, if you like to make a snapshot during a game, just hit your "roll/print" - key on your keyboard. CB will make a copy into your CB-folder
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Re: Venue Screenshots

Beitragvon Sc4rlite » Montag 28. Januar 2013, 23:36

Follow the path as sub told or simply use this link:)

On this Page is a topshot of Greengarden V2:

And here for Egal:

I don't think you will have any problems to find a route on Hangar Ball. I should have the Top Shots of VP4 somewhere but didn't find them yet.


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Re: Venue Screenshots

Beitragvon Jagwire » Dienstag 29. Januar 2013, 01:39

Hi Klaus & Melli,

Thank you both very much for the info about the screenshots :-D

I have them in my computer now and I am looking them over. I tried to print them out but my printer is out of coloured ink so I will have to look at them on my screen for now.

Hey Klaus, it was MY pleasure to fly with you guys the other night. YOU and your friends in Germany were the ones staying up really late to fly with me! :lol: It was greatly appreciated. :-D

And Melli, we have to get you into the sky as well. You have been so supportive in the forum. I hope to be able to have a game or two with you soon :wink:

Thank Again


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