Control Equipment?

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Control Equipment?

Beitragvon Jagwire » Freitag 1. Februar 2013, 20:04

Hi Everybody,

As you know I am new here and I'm trying to "learn the ropes" and I am wondering what most people use to fly their jets. Do you use a mouse or joystick?

I used to use a joystick when I had a different computer but my new computer doesn't have a joystick port and I can't use it. I am using a mouse now and I find it very hard to fly with compared to a joystick.

I am not working right now and I can't afford to buy a joystick yet so I will have to do the best I can with a mouse for now :cry:

For those who flly with a joystick, what do you recommend for a joystick? Is the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro a good one? If so, can you use the "twist" function of the joystick to steer your jet? My last joystick was a Logitech Intercepter and I liked it a lot.

In any case, come out and fly with me...I'm easy to beat. Just ask Sc4rlite! :wink:

Thanks and I look forward to your answers!



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Re: Control Equipment?

Beitragvon submaniac » Freitag 1. Februar 2013, 21:38

Hi John,

it's me again, Klaus! :wink: I fly by mouse (& keyboard), but as i know, the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro is a common JS here and it's used by most of the players. So i think you did well with this choice.
But isn't it possible to use an adapter for your PC with an USB-Port? So you wouldn't be obliged to buy a new one.
The main thing is: You need a perfect Setup! Forget these pre-installed Setups, these are just for giving you a try. I would give you mine, but this makes no sense because the Setup for mouse is totally different to JS-Setup.
I have a player in mind who played by JS..., he is in the top10! I'll give him a call/mail, so you will get a basis for your individual Setup in the next few days!


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Re: Control Equipment?

Beitragvon Maeks » Samstag 2. Februar 2013, 13:04

I use a Logitech Attack 3, it´s cheaper than the extreme 3d and it hasn´t got a twist handle. I did not like the twist handle because my steering was becoming less exact (ohhh - bad english)! I hope, we´ll meet soon in game!!!


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Re: Control Equipment?

Beitragvon oldMan » Samstag 2. Februar 2013, 15:06

Hi John,

I use a gamepad. But it should modify the settings in the setup menu.
Axel ..alias oldMan

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Re: Control Equipment?

Beitragvon Jagwire » Sonntag 3. Februar 2013, 01:48

Hi Klaus,

I looked for a USB converter for my joystick but I couldn't find one around here. :(

I have been having some fun with Captn.Nowi and Sc4rlite in the air! It would be fun to have you in the air too! See you when you get a chance to play... 8)

Hey Maeks,

Your english is great...better than my German! Yeah, when I get working again I will try to find a Logitech joystick. Everybody is kicking my butt in the should come along soon and get some kicks in too! :lol:

Hi oldMan,

So you play with a! That's a different way to fly. Whatever works right? I saw you flying a bunch of games by yourself Saturday, Feb 2. I'm sorry but I don't play during the day on Saturday or else I would have joined you. I hate to see people fly's no fun. I can fly on Saturday night after sunset. I also don't fly on Friday nights after sunset. I'll look for you and see you in the arena soon! :)

Thanks for the replys everybody... :wink:


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