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Beitragvon Jagwire » Mittwoch 13. Februar 2013, 04:10

Hi Jetsetters,

This is just a quick note to say how highly I regard ALL of the players that I have met here in this online gaming community. Your are all GENTLEMEN, and there is also one very fine LADY, Sc4rlite, who have all treated me with greatest of respect and have been VERY helpful especially since I don't speak but a mere handful of German words. You all do a great job making me feel welcome here, even though you ALL kick my butt all over the arena venues, and stay up to all kinds of crazy hours in the MORNING, your time, to do so.

I've only been playing since Jan 26, 2013 ( even though I tried it many years ago ) and I have had nothing but FUN here getting my jets burnt out by some of the best players ClusterBall has ever had. I just checked tonight and found out that 6 of the players that I have recently played with are in the top 100 players of this game!!! None of them made me feel like I shouldn't be here even though I'm just like a little bug on their windshield. These guys and girl, fly circles around me but never snub me when they see me show up at a venue for a game.

All I am saying is that I hope more of the old CBers come out of the woodworking and dust off their joysticks, gamepads, mice or keyboards to get back into this cool game. :P

For any Newbies that are reading this post, don't be shy and come in and fly with us...IT'S A BLAST!!! :lol:


John aka Jagwire or if you want "The Pilot with the big BULLSEYE on his back!"

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