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Beitragvon Jagwire » Dienstag 19. Februar 2013, 00:57

Hi Everybody,

I just watched a game on my computer that I played the other day in the China venue and every time my name was mentioned in a weapon hit or when it came up on the screen, it had a label beside it "Jagwire<-cheater".

If this is some kind of joke, that's cool, I don't mind. :lol: If this is a label that I got because somebody thinks I am cheating some how, please tell me how I am cheating! :evil:

I don't know enough about this game or computers to be able to cheat and I have absolutely no reason to cheat! Yeah, I get my jets kicked all over the arenas and I am always on the bottom of the scoring list but that doesn't mean that I am going to cheat.

If there is an explanation for this I would like to hear about it please.

I look forward to hearing a reason for this.

More than a little concerned...

John :x

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Re: Jagwire<-cheater

Beitragvon oldMan » Dienstag 19. Februar 2013, 01:28

Hi John,
This message I already had.
I think it was a bug in the program.
Axel ..alias oldMan

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Re: Jagwire<-cheater

Beitragvon Sc4rlite » Dienstag 19. Februar 2013, 01:44

Huhu Johnny,

First of all: The message was generated automatically. No one blames you to be a cheater or would think of it.

There are some special ways to cheat in Clusterball, but it's not easy and you have to install strange programs to do so (it would be very obvious, too). So you needn't worry.

If a player really cheats, the "<-cheater" label already appears during the game and the player won't get any points (as far as I remember). This never happend to you. So as long as the label only appears in the replays I wouldn't think about it. Must be some strange kind of bug.

Greetings Melli

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Re: Jagwire<-cheater

Beitragvon Jagwire » Dienstag 19. Februar 2013, 16:10

Hi oldMan and Melli,

Whew! Thanks for clearing that up for me! 8)

When I start winning matches against awesome pilots like you two, then you know I will be cheating! Just kidding, I will never cheat.

Sorry to sound so annoyed over this silly little thing but I have never been called a cheater before in anything that I have ever done and it rubbed me the wrong way. :wink:

Great! Now that that is over with, I look forward to our next game...see you in the sky!



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