Where Is Everybody?

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Where Is Everybody?

Beitragvon Jagwire » Freitag 1. März 2013, 01:05

Hi Everybody,

Just wondering where all the pilots have gone. Is everybody grounded for some reason? :lol:

For a while there we were having a game or two every day or so and even better on the weekends and for the last week there hasn't been anybody playing. :cry:

I guess it's just my enthusiam in being new here, huh?

Are there any technical problems keeping players out of the arenas?

Hey, if you're new here and don't want to play against the old players with lots of experience, come fly with me. I'm not that good of a pilot and it's pretty easy to beat me! 8) I just got a new joystick and it's like I'm learning how to fly all over again. So join in and take a shot at me while I'm adjusting to my new controls! :wink: Even if some of the older more experienced players drop in, they will treat you with respect and they may even give you some tips on how to fly and score better! They are ALL very nice here!

I've only been flying for a month and I've still got lots to learn. I'm sure any of the young newbies would be able to smoke my jets right out of the sky in no time at all!

I've seen lots of new people sign up here and if you need somebody to shoot at and give you some "Experience" points, drop me a Private Message and let me know when you're around and I'll try my best to hook up with you! Playing online is sooooo much better than playing in Training with the bots.

Drop in to a host venue if you see me here. You will know if I am here in a couple of ways:

1) You will see me on the XDGN main site under "Servers" if I have flown in the last 10 minutes or so. If that's the case, I'm probably lurking around waiting for somebody to fly with.

2) If you look at the bottom of the page on the homepage of the Forum, you will see what registered players are logged in and who may be present at the time. You have to be logged into the Forum to see who they are so get registered and participate. It's a good chance that these players are lurking and looking for a game!

I challenge all newbies to come and play against me to see how well you do...you will be surprised. I'm a Jagwire that doesn't bite! :roll:

Looking forward to see your jet up in the sky!



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Re: Where Is Everybody?

Beitragvon MFA » Freitag 1. März 2013, 22:04

Hi John,
this is an old game, unfortunately it was far more a few days so that was played and dannn months nothing more. Martin aka corpse comes soon is our cluster King I know not whether you know him? Have some patience, it's just an old game and need improvement.
Ps: Sorry for my bad English;)

cu Bodo alias MFA

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Re: Where Is Everybody?

Beitragvon Captn.Nowi » Freitag 1. März 2013, 23:52


I'm here on the host. Where are you? ;-)
Exactly that's the problem. We need to meet other players on the host but in most cases we all are coming one after another.
On weekend (friday, saturday) i try to fly. friday a lttle bit later and saturday a little bit earlier. But i can't set a time. It's difficult.
Only waiting helps for this. But how long? Mmh… that's not easy. Sometimes i go on the host and go away and look TV. But my headphones are on and loud. I hear when anybody is flying an shot rockets to me ;-). Then i come back, mostly.
See you in the sky…

your Captn
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Re: Where Is Everybody?

Beitragvon Jagwire » Samstag 2. März 2013, 23:40


Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I know this is an old game and that it hasn't been upgraded to give the old players a reason to come back and all that, but there seems to be quite a few people who sign up but don't play. At least they should be giving the game a try and I don't see many of the new players in the arena. I also understand that the old players have played this game for many hours and have had their fun and it's time to move on to other things. I also greatly appreciate when they do come into the venues and give us newbies somebody to fly with...THANKS! :D

Hey, don't worry about your English...I appreciate the fact that you are communicating to me in my language!

Ahoy Captn.Nowi,
I'm here on the host. Where are you?
I get your point, touche ( without the accent over the "e" ) :roll:

Late Friday and early Saturday are bad for me. That is a time when I take a time out from worldly things like playing games and you probably won't find me in the areana at that time...sorry. It's great that you are one of the "oldies" that drops in to play when you get a chance and it's always a pleasure to fly with you. Yeah, i guess I'm asking a lot for people to "make appointments" so I have somebody to play with, especially where this game is played by people in different time zones.

I guess I just missed the boat with this game and missed the "heyday" of it's time or the peak of it's curve, if you know what I mean. Even though I have "missed the boat" with this game, the game is not sinking...it's still afloat and just needs a "new crew". :P

All aboard!!!


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