Congratulations Dix!

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Congratulations Dix!

Beitragvon Jagwire » Montag 18. März 2013, 19:29

Hi Dix,

I just wanted to add my Congratulations! to the ever growing list of well wishers.

Pretty soon there's going to be Throne Wars around here with all the Cluster Kings! :lol:

I'm so sorry I missed the action :cry: . It was my wife's birthday yesterday and I wasn't playing. I did check in to see who was playing yesterday and it looked like you were amongst friends as you earned your new title in Antarctica. I'm sure it was a rough battle to get a measly 59 points but it was worth it right? I think to get 59 points in the crowd that you were in was quite an accomplishment...way to go! :o

Hey, now don't let this new title go to your head and keep flying with us "peasants", OK? :wink:



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