Xmas, Arena server up and running

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Xmas, Arena server up and running

Beitragvon Hanniball » Samstag 26. Dezember 2015, 01:14

After some weeks of work we're pretty sure to get Clusterball up and running again.

The Arena server is running smoothly again for a few days now.
We will see, if we have killed all bugs by now and if the updates are doing fine.

On the website http://www.clusterball.de there is the new installer. Please download and install it.

Starting problems of graphic cards under Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 are slightly fixed.

If you can't start CB, please switch the renderer to 3dfx in the CDreamCC.

3DFX has some known bugs:
- it only supports resolution of 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768
- all of the XDreamCC venues of the Venue Pack GOLD and VenuePack EXTREME can't be played at the moment:

VP Gold: Pole Position, ShootLoop, Electronica, HelterSkelter
VP Extrem: Green Garden V2, Hangarball, Egal

We're working on a solution to fix that asap!

If you play with the use of the OpenGL renderer, you shoud have no problems at all!

We're also working on the new website, it will take some more time until we can do the relaunch. It is written completely new straight from the ground incl. responsive design and faster responses.

We're looking forward to your questions, feedback ans comments :)
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Re: Xmas, Arena server up and running

Beitragvon deceptiveone » Samstag 26. Dezember 2015, 20:40

ty for update.

looking forward to all the new stuff, especially it all working together. :)

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Re: Xmas, Arena server up and running

Beitragvon hendrikhein » Mittwoch 27. April 2016, 16:17

On Sunday I hosted a host. But really it did not work.
Yes i did open ports and forwarded them. I opened ports for Host 1.
I had open ports as i was able to forward them on other program.

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