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Flying On the Arena is like A,B,C, so easy.
So you're all a bit nervous, due to the "Language Barrier", well let me tell you most Pilots here speak very good English, and will help with any queries.

Lets start with the "XDreams Command Center" a very nice feature that allows you to decide wether you want to play here, or on "The dot Com" servers, also allows up Four Player configs to be saved, enabling Famlies where more than one member flies, to use only one PC (they can not of course fly at the same time).

Downloading Clusterball.
The download proceedure is very easy and takes place after, an agreement to pay 5 Euros, for those Fliers registerd on the Arena before the 20th October 2006. payment is Made using "Paypal" you will of course need to be registered on Paypal, those of you who, Buy and Sell on Ebay may already be registered. The Paypal registration is free, and enables you to specify what method of payment you wish to use, for example:
Direct Debit, per Credit- Debit Card (Switch etc), or Wire Transfer. you may also use Paypal as a "Top up" account and pay monies into it on a regular basis. After the payment has been confirmed (for DD this takes a matter of minutes, Wire Transfers take several working days) you will receive a confirmation email, with your new Game Code, this must be entered in the space provided to enable the update of your account. Clusterball GoldPack can also be purchased from the Shops at a cost of 20 Euros for the GoldPack Special Edtion (In a Metal Box), and 15 Euros for the normal version both versions contain Game Codes to enable Registration and Internet Play.

Clusterball GoldPack" if you've properly installed it, and have registered on "" you are now ready to fly. You may also wish at this point to install the "VP four venues" (Purchased of Course at into the levels folder, in the following location: C/:Programme/Trend/Clusterball/Levels.
There is of course no need to keep the Dot Com version of Clusterball, as this version of Clutserball, as said can be played on Both Servers.

I wish you many good hours of flying, fair and arduous fights. and Look forward to seeing you soon in the virtual skys of "THE ARENA".[/b]
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Yeah Mark and all the other people around the world, let's play ball!!!
The good times are back. :D We're playing again. a)
I hope my english is ok :roll:
The show must go on... see you in the sky xdgn)
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