Technical Probs with Clusterball or XDCC?
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Beitragvon Jagwire » Montag 1. April 2013, 02:15

It was reported today, April 1, 2013, that the team Electro Catz (TM) electrically powered Jagwire jet, has been severely damaged and is malfunctioning due to some serious electrical and mechanical problems. After a major investigation by the Electro Catz pit crew, it has been found that a number of critical systems in the jet have been affected and it has changed the way the Jagwire jet performs and communicates with the CB community.

Constant jarring from repeated BackDraft and ShockWave attacks have caused cracks in vital circuit board traces of the communication system computer in the jet and replacement parts won't be available for about a week.

The fix for the communication system will take about one week and will affect all TeamSpeak, Forum and Venue Chat contact during that time. This will effectively keep the Jagwire pilot from conversing with the CB community for this time period.

Another problem is that SuperBoost smoke dust emitted from other jets on the launch pads of various venues has made it's way past the HEPA filtration system of the cockpit and fuselage of the jet and has caused malfunctions with electrical systems of the jet. It was found that this SuperBoost dust has accumulated on the cathodes of the Lithium Iron Phospate battery pack cells and has seriously degraded the power output of the cells. The nano structure of the cathodes have been affected in a way that causes dendrites to form within the cells and these dendrites have pierced the SEI layer within the cell structure and electrolyte has leaked between the layers of the cells causing a slow down of the intercalation of lithium ions during the charge and discharge cycle of some of the cells. Luckily the Jagwire jet also uses ultracapacitors to augment the battery pack power and can quickly store and release huge amounts of current when supplied with power from SuperBoost modules.

Due to the low power at the beginning of a game, the target aquistion system of the Jagwire jet will now ONLY come online once the jet has a full compliment of SuperbBoost modules.

Also, due to pilot error and a number of Gravitator and Spaghetti String altercations, the ball grappling system on the rear of the jet has been physically damaged from being dragged on the ground and smashed into various objects. The Jagwire jet can not collect and score it's own balls and is only capable of capturing and holding on to balls that have been BallSnatched from comptetitor's jets.

Effectively, for the next week the Jagwire jet will be flying incommunicado. It's only function will be to collect SuperBoost modules to power up the target aquistion system, to collect weapons and fire them and to snatch balls from competitor's jets and to try to score them.

The Electro Catz crew WARNS ALL PILOTS of competing jets in ALL CB arenas that the Jagwire jet is sick with CAT SCRATCH FEVER and will be OUT OF CONTROL for about a week!!! The crew also advises all pilots to keep a close eye on their radars and avoid close contact the Jagwire jet at all costs to avoid the effects of this malfunctioning jet.

May God Bless you and have mercy on you during this week as repairs are being made...

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Beitragvon FIGOtheBrain » Montag 1. April 2013, 09:43

We actually got some alarming findings: it is spreading to other jets !

Yesterday there were similar events on the server.
A ship called "flying_donut" was only able to win by stealing others balls and shooting from all pipes.

This epidemic must be stopped !!!

God protect us and give us strength.


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Beitragvon Jagwire » Donnerstag 18. April 2013, 00:46

Hi Everybody,

I still recovering from my embarrassing attempt at an April Fool's joke...

I tried 2 games with my "malfunctioning jet" and I felt so stupid after trying to play according to my "rules" that I haven't even felt like playing since...

What I was trying to do is make an excuse to go out and just shoot at people. I gave the players a chance by not shooting at them right away until I had 2 full lines of powerboost but it took almost 5 minutes for me to gather 2 full lines of powerboost! I played 2 games that way and flying_donut and pio both tore a strip off me anyhow so what was the big deal...

I was in a silly mood back them and now I feel really stupid. I guess I'm just the Homer Simpson of ClusterBall. Once I regain my composure, I'll be back... :wink:

Looks like a ghost town here anyhow. Where did everybody go? :(

I haven't seen more than 3 people at a time play since the first of April ( except 2 games of 4) !!!

Is FIGOtheBrain scaring everybody away with all of his practice and high scores??? :lol:

Is spring fever getting people away from their computers? ( Actually that's a good thing ) I haven't been on the computer during the day as much as I was this winter and this is the first time that I have actually sat down to really see what's going on in the CB community. You know, it look's a bit sad here. I feel bad for poor FIGOtheBrain. He reminds me of me when I first got my password to play online. I played and played hoping that somebody else would drop in for a game with me!

I'll make an attempt to get back online...cya soon! 8)



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