free hotmail uprade to 250mb legal

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free hotmail uprade to 250mb legal

Beitragvon phlexipush » Freitag 1. April 2005, 10:45

only the americans get this so we the europeans must move our hotmail o the vs :wink:

Are you anoyed of only 2mb inbox space?
wanna make it 250 instead?????????

1:log in your hotmail and click on options in the upright corner.
2:click on the personal tab and choose My Profile.
3:Fill in the form and choose USA as your country,
Choose Florida as the state and 33332 as ZIP Code
4:Be Sure that your age is above 13 or else you need to let your parents
fill in their credit card number to show they aprove
5:Save this and go back to the options screen.
6:Go to the language submenu and choose english as your language.
Save this.
7:Go to,
if this url is not working go to: ... countclose,
and if this one doesnt work go to, ... rf?lc%2043 ,
Press Continue untill you get to the close account screen.
BEWARE to save important mails some of them could be deleted after
8:Press Close account.(your account will not be lost)
9:Go back to hotmail and log in with your adress and password as usual.
10:You'll get the message your reserved account is active again.
Just fill in some forms from msn and choose or not choos as you wish.
you get the following message:
You may notice that your storage meter for your e-mail inbox only says 25 MB instead of 250 MB. Please allow us at least 30 days for us to bump up your storage to the complete 250 MB.**** It is important to check your inbox regularly during this time.
you can set your own adres and language back to what it was,BUT its
better to wait those 30 days untill you have these 250mb.........


Hope you like it,and please respond to this ;)

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Beitragvon phlexipush » Freitag 1. April 2005, 10:48

Oh and plz believe me its not an april fool joke ............

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Beitragvon float » Freitag 1. April 2005, 12:07

thanks for your post but hotmail suxx realy ;-)

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