Dedicated server on one computer, another computer for playing.

Technical Probs with Clusterball or XDCC?
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Dedicated server on one computer, another computer for playing.

Beitragvon hendrikhein » Dienstag 6. März 2018, 11:34

Hello, I've been having issues with having Dedi on one computer and another one using for the cb playing.
Right, so,
Feuerpfeil gave some pointers,
there are to input fields:
host ip:
my ip:

if (for example) your pc has the ip and there you like to start the dedi host the input is:

x start as dedicated host (checkbox on)
host ip:
my ip:

o start as dedicated host (checkbox off)
on your notebook with ip where you want to see your dedi host:
host ip:
my ip:

good luck
Feuerpfeil :wink:
I made use of that, and I should note that I know my PC's local adresses.
I noticed on Wireshark that connection is only made to Arena IP from my side, and there is no response. Clusterball itself does not seem to communicate with arena server aswell. It does not even send the query. Odd. With the configuration example that Feuerpfeil provided.
And then he asked,
- do you see other hosts on your players pc or do you only miss your host? (if you see no hosts, but online this is enough)
- ‎do you have configured a port forwarding UDP 12307 to your dedi host pc in you router?

cu @ the cb sky
Feuerpfeil :wink:

And nothing, I see nothing and I receive nothing from the Arena server.
And port forwarding is correct, anyone can join the host.
There's that. I have nothing else to add right now.

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Re: Dedicated server on one computer, another computer for playing.

Beitragvon feuerpfeil » Donnerstag 8. März 2018, 16:00

i will check this after my holidays.
I return on 21. March.

We will find a solution for you!

May be windows 10 is blocking my local routing routine.

Feuerpfeil :wink:
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