You want direct feedback from the community or have a question or just want to chat with other pilots? then it's time for you to join our Slack Channel. here is the Slack Channel of Clusterball

Skinpack is online

every clusterball pilot can create his own skin for his glider. there are no limits to the imagination. however, in order for others to see the skin in the game, the skin must be stored locally on the computer. we have currently launched the skin section. here we provide a variety of skins that players have already created. ...

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Registration is online

From now on the registration is online. You can register as a new pilot at Clusterball and start flying immediately. Again, Clusterball is completely free of charge. You can register here. And for all old hands, who might not remember their password, with the new "forgot password" function you can send your password to ...

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English version

Since Clusterball has always been and still is a very international game, the new website is now also available in English and the game itself is already available in German and English.

Clusterball Website Relaunch

For 20 years we have been on the road with Clusterball, sometimes more active, sometimes less. But it never came to a complete standstill. Behind the scenes, the hard core has continued to work and keep the "old lady" going. And while the world is momentarily in chaos right now, we've used the time to finally give Clusterball a ...

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